Justin Timberlake Fails To Shine On Super Bowl Halftime Show Stage But He Still Got A Bump In Sales

Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Sunday

Everyone remembers how Justin Timberlake made a scandalous mistake when the singer accidentally exposed Janet Jackson’s breast during the 2004 Super Bowl.

The pop singer appeared on the big stage for the second time this year, but this year, things did not go quite right either.

Apparently, Mr. Timberlake’s tribute to Prince during the Super Bowl halftime show turned out to be a failure rather than a success.

The pop idol delivered quite the performance on his part and sang his most beloved hits to the audience, but there were other problems in the night of the big event.

While some people were brought on to their feet, many were disappointed by the simplicity of the production and compared the show’s plainness with the lavish celebrations of the Super Bowl event from previous years.

Occurrences of audio issues also troubled the former NSYNC frontman during the live performance. At times, the voices of the singers in the back were heard more clearly than Timberlake’s own.

The other headline from the evening came with the tribute to Prince, which Timberlake made in the form of singing “I Would Die 4 U” together with a projection of the iconic musician.

The act of respect for Prince ended by projecting his shadow captured forever in history during his appearance in the 2007 Super Bowl halftime show. During the tribute, a beautiful image of Prince’s hometown Minneapolis emerged showing the city colored in purple to honor the legendary singer.

However, Timberlake faced a wave of criticism, since a lot of Prince’s fans stated that the iconic pop singer would not have approved of any tribute in his honor in any way. Many viewers used the break during the halftime to post their complaints about Timberlake’s performance on social media.

The “Mirrors” singer can at least find some solace in the fact that his streaming and sales numbers went up quite a bit on Sunday. Figures for the songs rose 534 percent.

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