Matt Lauer TODAY Show Exit

Matt Lauer Knew His Time Was Up At The ‘TODAY’ Show Around Thanksgiving Day Parade

About a month and a half, after the Harvey Weinstein scandal was at its peak, some serious allegations about former NBC anchor Matt Lauer came to the surface. Apparently, the…

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Ann Curry Matt Lauer TODAY Show

Ann Curry Was Not Surprised By Matt Lauer’s Allegations — Claims ‘Verbal Harassment’ Was Prevalent At “TODAY” Show

It has been half a decade since Ann Curry left the TODAY show, and only now does she feel confident enough to finally speak up about the situation, and how…

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Katie Couric Matt Lauer TODAY Show

Matt Lauer’s ‘TODAY’ Show Firing Was ‘Very Painful’ For Katie Couric

Katie Couric has decided to finally speak up about what happened with Matt Lauer, who was fired from the TODAY show about a month ago over allegations of sexual misconduct….

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Matt Lauer TODAY Show Future Television

Matt Lauer Is Still Hoping For A TV Comeback After ‘TODAY’ Show Firing: Report

After everything that happened around former TODAY co-anchor Matt Lauer, hardly anyone expects the disgraced journalist to get back on his feet quickly and brush off the recent incident. And…

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Annette Roque Matt Lauer Divorce

Despite Rumors, Matt Lauer And Wife Annette Roque Are Still Not Closer To A Divorce

A lot has been said about recently fired TV host Matt Lauer in the wake of his sexual misconduct allegations, and one of the consequences of the scandal was the…

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Katie Couric Matt Lauer TODAY

As The Matt Lauer Scandal Leaves The Headlines, Some Hoped His Former ‘TODAY’ Colleague Katie Couric Said More

The number of incidents related to sexual misconduct involving former TODAY co-anchor Matt Lauer grew quite a bit in the past month, and his former colleague, Katie Couric, briefly addressed…

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Savannah Guthrie Hoda Kotb Matt Lauer TODAY Show

Matt Lauer Was Paid Three Times More Than Hoda Kotb On ‘TODAY’ Show — Possible Explanations Behind The Salary Gap

Matt Lauer has already been replaced on the TODAY show after he had to be let go in the wake of his sexual misconduct scandal. Surprisingly, the ratings have not…

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Savannah Guthrie Hoda Kotb Al Roker TODAY Show

Matt Lauer Still Clinging To ‘TODAY’ Show, Sends Text To Hoda Kotb On The Air

While many suspected that there would be a lot of drama surrounding the replacement of Matt Lauer on the TODAY show, following his sexual harassment allegations scandal, that does not…

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TODAY Show Ratings Good Morning America

‘TODAY’ Show Continues Winning Streak Against ‘Good Morning America’ In Ratings After Matt Lauer’s Firing: Was The $20 Million In Salary Justified?

While some fans of the TODAY show were worried that former co-host Matt Lauer was the main driving force behind its popularity and expected the program to start fading away…

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Matt Lauer Ari Wilkenfeld TODAY

Matt Lauer’s Original Accuser Is Living In Fear, Claims Lawyer Ari Wilkenfeld

Now that the cat is out of the bag for Matt Lauer, the former TODAY co-host is in a lot of trouble. It looks like there is no end in…

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Matt Lauer Addie Zinone TODAY

Former ‘TODAY’ Staffer Addie Zinone Accuses Matt Lauer Of Misconduct

Matt Lauer’s name has pretty much earned a permanent spot in the headlines recently, as the former TODAY co-host has been dealing with various accusations related to sexual misconduct. After…

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Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Allegations

Former ‘TODAY’ Co-Host Matt Lauer And His Wife Annette Roque Lived Separate Lives Years Before Scandal

With the huge scandal looming over Matt Lauer’s head, things definitely are not looking pretty for the former co-host of the TODAY show. Lauer’s career is not the only aspect…

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Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Allegations

Matt Lauer Is Still Dealing With Aftermath Of NBC’s ‘TODAY’ Firing

Things are not looking good for former TODAY co-host Matt Lauer, as it recently came to light that accusations were brought up against him for alleged sexual misconduct at his…

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Annette Roque Matt Lauer Cheating Allegations

Matt Lauer’s Wife Annette Roque Leaves For Europe Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal

Things keep getting worse and worse for Matt Lauer, who was recently accused of sexual misconduct and fired from his position as co-host of NBC morning program, the TODAY show….

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