Scarlett Johansson James Franco Woody Allen

After Attacking James Franco, Scarlett Johansson Is Being Called A ‘Hypocrite’ For Defending Woody Allen

Movie fans officially gave Scarlett Johansson the title “hypocrite” after talking against colleague actor James Franco in her speech at the Women’s March this year. The scandal around Franco exploded…

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James Franco Sexual Allegations Denial

After A Few Missteps, James Franco Gets Praises From Ashley Judd In Handling The Allegations

James Franco has been insistent that the recent accusations against him implicating him in sexual misconduct are false, and he defended this position quite recently. As a result, The New…

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James Franco Seth Meyers Ally Seedy

After Big Golden Globe Win, James Franco Has Trouble Answering Questions Raised By Ally Sheedy’s Tweets

As tensions are rising around the issue of sexual misconduct allegations, another celebrity just got hit by a similar claim. After winning a Golden Globe Sunday night, actor and director…

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