Barack Obama Donald Trump Adolf Hitler

Barack Obama Compares Aspects Of Donald Trump’s America To Nazi Germany: Is This A Winning Political Strategy?

With the way things have been going on the global political scene lately, some people have started to develop a certain dose of skepticism for the future. It seems like…

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Barack Obama Michelle Obama Hawaii

Barack Obama Takes His Family Hawaii For The Holidays — Michelle And Malia Enjoy Yoga

It seems like former U.S. President Barack Obama and his family are having a great holiday season, while also finding the time for some productive and healthy activities. They have…

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Barack Obama Prince Harry Interview

Barack Obama Believes Social Media Needs To Be Used Moderately — Some Say It Is A Dig At Donald Trump

Barack Obama, a former U.S. president, seems to have some worrying thoughts on his mind about the habits that modern technology has created in many people. According to Mr. Obama,…

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Barack Obama Prince Harry Meghan Markle Wedding

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Want Barack Obama At Their Wedding But Donald Trump Will Be Angry

While many people around the world are eagerly anticipating the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it looks like the event might be marked by some unpleasant developments for…

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Corey Stewart Barack Obama Birther

E.W. Jackson Links Corey Stewart To Muslim Brotherhood Days After Foe Revived Barack Obama Birther Charge

A few years ago, former President Barack Obama faced a lot of trouble in the face of accusations that his birth certificate was forged, and that he was not in…

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