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Patricia Olvera lives in Los Angeles, and this proximity to Hollywood made it irresistible for her not to combine her two main interests in life -- entertainment news and writing. She is a basketball fan and worked as a music blogger for over seven years. And, when the opportunity to reach a wider audience showed up, she just could not say no. Patricia likes to quote Oscar Wilde and have fun in life.
Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes ESPN

Jamie Foxx Walks Off From ESPN Interview Over Katie Holmes Question

Actor Jamie Foxx, 50, whose full name is Eric Marlon Bishop, preferred to escape from a live broadcast rather than talk about his personal life. Foxx was set to participate…

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Sofia Richie Scott Disick KUWTK

Kourtney Kardashian Still Thinks Sofia Richie Is Too Young For Her Baby Daddy Scott Disick

The last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was all about the romantic relationship between Scott Disick, 34, and the daughter of the music legend Lionel Richie, Sofia Richie….

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Kim Kardashian Lindsay Lohan Feud Confused

Kim Kardashian Claps Back At Lindsay Lohan In A Way No One Saw Coming

Kim Kardashian is continuing to cause a stir with her new looks. She presented her silver braids to the world with numerous selfies of herself, some of which were quite…

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Lana Del Rey Michael Hunt Stalker

Lana Del Rey Reacts On Stage To Michael Hunt’s Kidnapping Plot In Emotional Video

According to recent news, the police in Florida prevented a man’s plot to kidnap a popular music star, Lana Del Rey. The wrong-doer, 43-year-old Michael Hunt, was detained by the…

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Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Baby

Kylie Jenner Debuts Baby In Viral Video One Day After Travis Scott Missed Big Gig

Travis Scott was forced to cancel his appearance at a club in Minneapolis in the last moment, right on the night before the Super Bowl. Apparently, inconsistencies with the rapper’s…

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Joe Kennedy III Donald Trump SOTU Response

Joe Kennedy III’s ‘Drooling’ Overshadows His SOTU Response And 2020 Aspirations

The Massachusetts Democrat Joe Kennedy III addressed many of the problems America has been facing under Trump’s administration. The grandson of Robert F. Kennedy delivered the official Democratic response to…

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Oprah Winfrey Donald Trump 2020 Election

Oprah Winfrey Says No To 2020 Presidential Run, Some Supporters Still Hope To Change Her Mind

Business mogul and talk show queen Oprah Winfrey has stated firmly in an interview with InStyle magazine that she has no desire to run for president of the United States…

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Megyn Kelly Jane Fonda Rant

Megyn Kelly Goes After Jane Fonda In Epic Rant, Some Say It Was For Ratings

Some were wondering when Megyn Kelly would decide to say something about Jane Fonda and speak out against her, and it looks like the moment has finally arrived. On her…

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Dylan Farrow Woody Allen Interview

Dylan Farrow Takes Her Case Against Woody Allen To The Media

Woody Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, is not giving up on her claims of having suffered sexual abuse from her own father. Farrow spoke up again about her issues with…

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Shannara Chronicles Canceled After Two Seasons

‘The Shannara Chronicles’ Cancelled After Two Seasons On Spike

It is official — Shannara Chronicles has been canceled after its second season, and the heads at Spike have finalized the decision to take the show off the air. Even…

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John Barrasso Donald Trump Mitch McConnell

Donald Trump’s Doctor Claims He Is Just Overweight, But Critics Believe POTUS Weighs More Than 239 Pounds

It was officially announced that President Donald Trump has problems with being overweight after the results of his physical examination were recently released. There are already rumors and speculations about…

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James Franco Sexual Allegations Denial

After A Few Missteps, James Franco Gets Praises From Ashley Judd In Handling The Allegations

James Franco has been insistent that the recent accusations against him implicating him in sexual misconduct are false, and he defended this position quite recently. As a result, The New…

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Eliza Dushku Joel Kramer True Lies

Eliza Dushku Blasts Stuntman Joel Kramer After He Denied Her Molestation Claims

Eliza Dushku, 37, a talented actress who made a name for herself thanks to the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is the next celebrity to come out with allegations that…

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Megyn Kelly TODAY Catt Sadler

Megyn Kelly Reportedly Annoyed NBC Bosses After She Tried To Book Catt Sadler

Even though Megyn Kelly might be the highest-paid member of the NBC News lineup, she has still managed to land in hot waters around her superiors after an alleged mishap…

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