Kim Cattrall Reignites Sarah Jessica Parker Feud That Is Tearing ‘Sex And The City’ Fans Apart

Kim Cattral Sarah Jessica Parker Sex And The City

The tension between two of the major stars from Sex and the City continues to escalate, and it seems that it is only getting worse.

For years, 61-year-old Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, 52, have been fighting with each other.

The animosity between the two talented divas even got to the point where Cattrall denied any possibility of ever filming the third part of the movie about the life of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.

In recent events, the feud between the two superstars spilled over to social media.

Following the death of Kim’s brother, Chris Cattrall, Parker did the most natural thing that seemed possible at the time — she shared her condolences for the loss of her colleague on Instagram.


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It did not take long for Kim’s reaction to come out and it was a shocking one for sure. In an angry post, Cattrall asked Parker to stop pretending like she was her friend and also accused her of hypocritical exploitation of another person’s tragedy.

At the end of the angry message, Kim also shared a link to an article from the New York Post from last year. It is about the alleged reasons for the misunderstanding between the members of the cast and the typical “mean girl” environment that existed on the set.

According to previous rumors, every possibility for a third Sex and the City movie vanished because of Cattrall’s high financial demands and her past issues with the other ladies of the cast.

The Mannequin actress denied every accusation afterward by saying she has never asked for more money or additional projects.

Meanwhile, Parker has been trying to show herself as a caring friend by expressing her compassion for Cattrall’s loss.

Fans of the franchise have shown a lot of love to Parker because they believe that Cattrall could have handled the situation differently.

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