Meghan Markle To Break A Major Protocol At Royal Wedding As Prince Harry And His Fiancée Share More Details About Ceremony

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Wedding Details

Actress Meghan Markle keeps showing the world that it is possible to stay true to herself and her style even when she is about to become part of the British royal family.

It was recently reported that the fiancée of Prince Harry is planning to break the royal protocol in a new manner — by giving a speech at her wedding reception.

The decision of the Suits star is quite uncommon not only in royal weddings but in general.

Traditionally, it is accepted that the father of the bride gives the ceremonial toast at a wedding.

So far, Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, has decided to stay out of the spotlight and he continued to do so by choosing not to speak at the happiest day of his daughter’s life.

Instead, Meghan is planning to pay a thankful tribute to Harry and Queen Elizabeth, their closest relatives and friends for accepting her in the royal family. It was reported that the prince was very thrilled by the idea.

The Hollywood stunner is not shy when speaking in front of large crowds. Besides playing a significant role in a popular TV series, she also gave a touching speech at the U.N. Women’s conference in 2015 where she talked about gender equality and the empowerment of women.

With the wedding reception hosting around 800 people, the event should be no match for Markle’s oratory abilities.

The wedding reception is not planned to be open for the public’s eye to see, so we will most likely never hear Meghan’s words. The ceremony will take place on May 19, this year at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Some soccer fans were worried about the wedding clashing with the FA Cup final that is supposed to take place on the same day.

Sources close to the royal family say that it will not be a problem because the ceremony will begin around noon, which is about five hours before the game’s usual starting time.

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