Kim Kardashian Claps Back At Lindsay Lohan In A Way No One Saw Coming

Kim Kardashian Lindsay Lohan Feud Confused

Kim Kardashian is continuing to cause a stir with her new looks. She presented her silver braids to the world with numerous selfies of herself, some of which were quite revealing.

Just recently, the star from Keeping Up With The Kardashians posted her recreation of Bo Derek’s legendary beach picture online, and her fans went surprised that she had decided to go there.

Kim’s statement that her cornrows were inspired by “Bo Derek braids” received a lot of negative comments on Instagram, and many deemed the act as cultural appropriation.

Regardless of public opinion, Kim stays true to her style and does not let anyone intimidate her fashion choices, including celebrities like fellow socialite Lindsay Lohan.


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The quarrel between the two stars began when the celebrity blogger Perez Hilton re-posted Kim’s beach picture and asked the public for an opinion.

Miss Lohan was one of the people who commented with an “I am confused” statement, followed by Kim’s immediate burning reaction: “You know what’s confusing…your sudden foreign accent.”

Kardashian’s reply was a reference to Lohan’s strange accent in 2016 which she adopted for only a year-long absence from The United States.

Back then, the star from Mean Girls justified it was her way of dealing with the many languages that she had encountered. She also added she is fluent in English and French and is learning Turkish, Italian, and Arabic at the same time.

However, Lohan’s accent was probably something temporary because it had vanished entirely when she appeared at public events earlier this year.

The actress has plans for the future that most probably involve settling somewhere abroad. The 31-year-old Hollywood figure is currently busy with the eventual design of an island in Dubai.

She explained that she likes being occupied with various little projects and intends to go to Dubai after finishing filming the sitcom Sick Note in Britain.

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