John Kerry Joins The ‘Girther Movement’ With Donald Trump Joke Amid 2020 Presidential Run Rumors

John Kerry Donald Trump Girther Movement

John Kerry joked about Donald Trump’s weight and his tendency for conspiracies at the annual Alfalfa Club gathering in Washington earlier this year.

The former secretary of state made fun of the recent results of Trump’s physical where it became clear that the 45th U.S. president is on the verge of being classified as obese, although in overall great shape.

Kerry said although a White House physician officially confirmed the former reality TV star is in good health, he needs a solid proof for this, something like a long-form “girth certificate.”

The former senator from Massachusetts’ joke originates from way back when Barack Obama was still president, and Trump was insisting on the release of his official birth certificate.

The billionaire used to believe in the conspiracy theory that the former president was not born in America and thus, not a natural born citizen of the United States.

Later on, the requested official birth documents were released by Obama and left open for the public to see that he was indeed born in Hawaii.

After Trump provided the results from his physical test and appointed Dr. Ronny Jackson to answer questions regarding his physical shape, a new movement, called “Girther,” started online, with people questioning Trump’s real weight and height.

The matters came even as far as the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, suggesting giving away $100,000 to any charity chosen by Trump in exchange for knowledge of his actual weight.

Mr. Kerry has been a major political figure for a very long time. He sought the presidency during the election in 2004 but lost to George W. Bush, and is considered as a possible candidate against Trump in the year 2020.

He has said many times that he is leaving his options open when it comes to running again. The “girth” jab might be a way to test the waters.

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