Lana Del Rey Reacts On Stage To Michael Hunt’s Kidnapping Plot In Emotional Video

Lana Del Rey Michael Hunt Stalker

According to recent news, the police in Florida prevented a man’s plot to kidnap a popular music star, Lana Del Rey.

The wrong-doer, 43-year-old Michael Hunt, was detained by the police on his way to the concert where Lana was going to perform for the evening in front of an 8,000-crowd on Friday.

Hunt almost made it to the concert at Orlando’s Amway Center, but he was arrested shortly before reaching his destination. Besides a ticket for the event, the police also found a knife in his possession.

It was a call to the police that informed them about the possible attempt of kidnapping. The tip also gave out that Hunt had previously shared threatening messages with a potentially hidden meaning on the social media channels.

A representative from the police also admitted that without the informative signal, Hunt might not have been caught in time or recognized as a credible threat.

Thankfully, the brutal crime was avoided before the man could even come close to Lana and the concert went on as planned.

The criminal is currently at the Orange County jail and is going to face charges of stalking and attempted kidnapping.

This is not the first stalker that has followed Lana, born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.

In 2016, the young Zachary Self succeeded in finding his way into the singer’s home uninvited. The then 19-year-old received a sentence of three months for his acts.

The singer opened up about the concert in Orlando on Friday on Twitter. She shared a thankful message to her fans and said she had a wonderful time during the past few days.

The 32-year-old also addressed the incident while performing in Atlanta on Monday.

She stated, “I am super happy to be here with you guys. But if I am a little bit feathery, bear with me.”

Lana got very emotional talking about what had occurred, and most of her fans say that they feel really bad for her.

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