Milo Ventimiglia Not Leaving ‘This Is Us’ Even After Jack’s Shocking Death

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The TV show, This Is Us, has turned into one of the most beloved and watched programs for NBC right now.

Although fans had hints about what was coming, it still came as a considerable shock when their favorite character, Jack Pearson, played by Milo Ventimiglia, died of a heart attack.

The cause of death was unexpected as there were speculations among viewers that he would be taken by fire.

The episode in which the huge moment happens premiered on Sunday as a Super Bowl special edition of the show.

However, TV viewers should not fall into despair since the actor will continue to play his role on This Is Us in the future, as the show’s storyline usually refers to events from the past.

In an interview, Ventimiglia opened up about the death of his character. He told the press that although Jack’s tragic death would initially sadden fans, they would still get to see more of him in the episodes to follow.

The 40-year-old Gilmore Girls actor wanted to remind people that there is much more to add to complete Jack’s story in the world of This Is Us.

Ventimiglia was familiar with the fact that he would have to play mostly flashback scenes on the show from the beginning of his involvement with the production.

Mandy Moore also made a statement that America’s favorite dad is not going anywhere. She compared the actor to their leader on the shooting scene.

According to her, Ventimiglia could answer any possible question regarding the series with ease, and his colleagues often called him their “actor department head.”

With the Super Bowl Sunday episode, the hit drama series also introduced a new timeline, the future.

Many critics believe that with this move, the writers will have more options to keeps viewers on their toes.

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