Wendy Williams Takes Down Megyn Kelly After Attack On Jane Fonda

Megyn Kelly Wendy Williams Jane Fonda

Megyn Kelly is still feeling the heat following her Monday segment attacking Jane Fonda.

The former Fox News Channel launched an epic tirade against the acting icon after Fonda criticized Kelly for a question that she had asked her about plastic surgery on her NBC show.

Wendy Williams, who is not afraid of controversy, slammed Kelly for being dishonest and only doing the segment for ratings.

The host of the Wendy Williams Show tackled the feud on the “Hot Topic” segment of her program on Tuesday and was not shy about reminding her audience that Megyn Kelly Today is not doing well.

Williams thought the viral moment was comparable to what Jerry Springer used to do when he became the face of the Trash TV subgenre.

The former radio personality stated: “You are [Megyn] brand new to the set; No one knows you in that genre, that is a Jerry Springer sign-off moment.”

Whatever the reason that pushed Kelly to go after Fonda, the plan has apparently backfired. Her name was a trending topic on social media for several hours, and celebrities like Ann Curry went hard after her behavior.

The incident was also bad for NBC, and many commenters said the Peacock Network was wrong to hire Kelly in the first place.

Even people from Fox News used the opportunity to tell the world that Kelly was always like that and the right-leaning media outlet was not behind some of her most infamous moments.

For example, she once looked straight at the camera and claimed with no doubt whatsoever that Santa Claus is white.

Moreover, there was also some criticism in the way she covered the Black Lives Matter movement.

At this point, Kelly, who was not on the air Tuesday with a new episode, has rubbed many people the wrong way.

She has angered conservatives after fighting with candidate Donald Trump and leaving Fox News. Also, liberals were furious when she decided to give a platform to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

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