‘Outlander’ Actress Caitriona Balfe Is Engaged To Tony McGill

Caitriona Balfe Tony McGill Engaged

Caitriona Balfe has confirmed her engagement in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, stating that she is pleased with the way things have turned out. She was also quick to boast with her engagement ring at the Golden Globes and was not shy at all in showing it off.

There was already some speculation about her relationship with Tony McGill, although nothing was stated officially, and it was clear that Balfe was trying to keep things under wraps. It must have been more and more challenging for her to keep something like that a secret from her fans though, which is probably why she finally decided to open up.

Things seem to be going good in her life right now, as her career has also been on a positive track lately. Fans are sure that she will not rest on the success of one Golden Globe nomination though, and we expect to see even more from her in the very near future, although she has been a bit quiet on that front.

She certainly has the right enthusiasm for that, and the only thing that could get in her way right now is, ironically, the other big event in her life. Hopefully, her engagement is not going to put her career in jeopardy though, but from what the world has seen so far, the exact opposite can be expected.

McGill is apparently a supportive partner, and he should be able to understand the struggles someone like Balfe is going through in her professional development.

The 38-year-old Irish actress has reportedly been dating her fiancé for over two years although a few in the gossip industry thought she was in a relationship with her Outlander co-star, Sam Heughan.

They denied the reports, but some fans still wanted to believe that the two talented actors were an item because of their chemistry on the hit series.

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