Barack Obama Takes His Family Hawaii For The Holidays — Michelle And Malia Enjoy Yoga

Barack Obama Michelle Obama Hawaii

It seems like former U.S. President Barack Obama and his family are having a great holiday season, while also finding the time for some productive and healthy activities.

They have chosen the Hawaii region as their target for this year’s Christmas vacation, and various people have spotted them having fun and taking part in various activities.

Malia Obama specifically has been seen during her workout routine in full sports attire, complete with an exercise mat under her arm.

It looks like she is not the only family member interested in yoga though, as Michelle was spotted talking to various people at the local yoga club and looking very excited to engage them.

Barack himself is apparently not that big of a fan of this particular sport, as he was nowhere to be seen during the yoga session, but it is possible that he took the class at another time.

The former president did greet a crowd of people later on though, so his presence was definitely not subtle at all and many had a chance to see him in person.

Some have been quick to point out how different the whole scene would have likely been if this was Donald Trump’s family instead, and there have been various comments poking fun at the current U.S. president and his popularity with the crowds around the world.

While he does have his following on U.S. soil, he is far from popular in many other countries, and his popularity in his own is questionable in some specific areas as well.

Mr. Obama, a Hawaii native, had never missed an opportunity to visit the state when he was the leader of the free world.

It appears that he has no plans of letting this tradition go as he returns to normalcy after leaving one of the hardest jobs on the planet.

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